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We design and create your 3D Animation of products, scenes, characters and more.


Creation of effects elements like fire, smoke, explosions, water and more for your production.


Hard- and Software consultents for Visual Effects and 3D Animation Pipelines.


We support you on your project, and do consultance for the perfect outcome.

Terms and Conditions

Refunds/Digital Downloads/ Use of Assets Policy: As this is a Digital Download, there is a NO REFUND POLICY. All sales are FINAL, and all charges from those sales are non-refundable. Before you click purchase on the final confirmation page, please make sure you agree to these terms, and make sure this is the product you want to purchase. If you should have questions about a product, feel free to write us under: If you should experience any problem with your download, please contact us immediately at,or via the chat plugin on this website – or try to re-download the file . We at Industrial.Digital.Alchemy will do our best to help and assist you. Notable Information: A “Download” is Purchased Digital Material. You shall be authorized to use the Downloads only for commercial, and/or personal use, unless otherwise approved by the owner/management of the material. You may not resell this product. YOU MAY NOT UPLOAD DOWNLOADS TO THE INTERNET. PEER-2-PEER FILE SHARING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Any other manner of network file sharing and transfer of Downloads to devices for such purpose is prohibited. Please contact me for any information/agreement/approval for any intended commercial use. We at Industrial.Digital.Alchemy always deliver the best digital products. If you should run into trouble using a file or download, feel always free to contact us! The Assets on Industrial.Digital.Alchemy are watermark free and can be also used for commercial use. The following Data-types are used for the different software solutions:

  1. Houdini – *. hip / hipnc (non-commercial) and were mostly created with Houdini 15.5 – 18.5
  2. Maya – *. ma / mostly created with Maya 2013 – 2021
  3. 3ds Max – *. max / created with 3ds Max 2012 – 2021/ FumeFx 2.0 – 5.05/ Thinking Particles 6.2