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Hello, and thanks for passing by at Insect.Digital.Alchemy! For me as Asset – Designer, I want you to get the best experience out of the Models, Assets and Presets you can purchase here on this page.

When you order from this page, make sure, after the purchase, you don`t close the Purchasewindow, because the Download-Link is provided there.


After 5-15 minutes, you also get the Download- Link of the certain product. Please also check your Spam-Folder to make sure, it`s not there!

With the given Links, you should be able to work better, faster and more intuitive with the Assets from Insect.Digital.Alchemy!

Houdini Assets:

– A good Tutorial that gives a nice overview of PyroFx and for people that come to Houdini with a FumeFx Background

– A quick but good Tutorial, how you can shatter easily Geometry inside of Houdini and create Destruction!

– Learn how you can use Particles inside of Houdini 13 to create different Patterns and Shapes!

– Learn how you can shade your Explosions and PyroFX Designs inside Houdini
– Learn how you can create Melt Effects in Houdini in this awesome tutorial

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