Visual Effects Reel – Insect.Digital.Alchemy

Insect.Digital.Alchemy – VFX Reel
1. Die Spiegel Affäre – The Spiegel Affair: Rocket Animation/ Shading and Trail Creation,
Additional FumeFx Elements for Nuke Explosion
2. In a wild Land Variation/ Sky replacement, ship duplication, color grading
3. Underworld 4 – Awakening: Hold Out Masks for FumeFx Layer: 3dsmax and Nuke
4. Kill-J Bullet – Bullet Shading and Animation: Vray Shading/ 3dsmax
5. Zorn: Tod und Regen, Zorn: Death and Rain – Rain Layer Creation: Krakatoa/ Vray
6. Vedes Anniversary Particle RnD and Key Visual Creation: Pflow Box 2/ 3dsmax/ Photoshop
7. Phenom Films Aroma FumeFx Animation/ Fume Fx – Thinking Particles
8. Mummy: Personal Character Design, 3dsmax
9. FumeFx Explosion RnD: FumeFx and Vray
10. Hasenhimmel, RabbitSky: Cloud Fluid Animation : Phoenix FD and Vray
11. Space Explosion – FumeFx with Vray
12. UltraHD Flamethrower – FumeFx Setup with Vray
13. Houdini Asset Shooter Design in cooperation with Pavel Pekun
14. Houdini RnD: Houdini 15 Alien Melt
15. Houdini Asset Design, Fire Tornado in cooperation with Pavel Pekun.
16. Houdini Asset Design Nuke Template, in cooperation with Pavel Pekun/ Rendering/ Compositing
17. ZDF Terra X Pitch/ Rendering and Shading in Maya/ Animation by Lorenzo Capello
18. VW Touareg Rendering/ Car Rigging RnD and Render Wrangling
19. Houdini Power Asset – Watersplash Asset in cooperation with Saber Jassie
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