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Hey hello and thanks for landing here on my patreon page. Iam Maik Donath, a german movie maker working for over 15+ years in the visual effects environment. I have worked already for different Blockbuster movies like Underworld: Awakening and Captain Future. Iam using a wide variety of tools like Houdini, 3dsmax and Maya, to bring my visions to life. To finance my movies, iam also creating and selling digital assets and have the youtube channel FX-HIVE to share the knowledge of Visual Effects creation to all people around the world.

At the moment, iam creating the shortmovie: Sodom – the Arrival, and its a surreal science fiction short which takes place in the early stage of earth where the dinosaurs roamed our planet. I want to ask philosophical and technical questions about our lifes and bring some answers through my movies to life.

Patreon is about frequency and quality. The more you support me the more I am able to do and share.

All I can promise you is that I do the best I can and invest as much time and love into 3D and 2D art as possible without being irresponsible. Thank you for your ongoing support, it really is a huge deal for me and I very much appreciate it.

“ActionVFX elements are the best in the industry, combining significant dynamic range, high resolution and frame rates.” Colin Feist – VFX Supervisor/Compositor at Zoic Studios